Using the Garden Bridge

Who will be able to use the Garden Bridge?

The Garden Bridge is designed to be used by everyone. It will be free and open to all. Commuters can use it as a river crossing to access destinations on either side of the river. The local community and visitors can use the gardens and enjoy new views of London. Cyclists can dismount and push their bikes across.

The bridge has been designed to be fully accessible. At the Northbank, it will be accessible via a ramp or stairs onto the roof of Temple Underground station and then by stairs or two lifts on to the bridge deck. On the South Bank, the south landing terrace and bridge deck will be accessible by stairs or two lifts.

How many people will use the Garden Bridge and when? 

We have studied this issue in great depth and produced a comprehensive Transport Assessment to support the planning application. It is estimated that 7 million people will visit or cross the bridge annually. The majority will be existing visitors to the South Bank because of the current attractions in the area and volume of associated tourists. Around 3 million of the 7 million users will be additional to the 26 million who already visit the South Bank each year.

Are there lots of things and activities banned from the Bridge? 

No, it's all about a safe environment, here are a few measures we have proposed to ensure all Bridge users enjoy their experience: 

  • Every park or public space has conditions of use to provide a safe environment for all users. 
  • The Garden Bridge conditions are similar to those in other places such as the Royal Parks
  • The conditions are designed to ensure a safe environment for visitors as well as for River users below the Bridge.
  • Picnics are not banned.
  • There will be benches for visitors, providing an opportunity to slow down and experience the gardens at a more intimate level, with the iconic London skyline as a backdrop.
  • Cyclists will be asked to push their bikes across as they do on the Millennium Bridge, to ensure those on foot can safely enjoy the Garden Bridge.
  • Groups of eight or more are not banned. They will be welcome.
  • Larger groups of organised tours will be encouraged to contact staff in advance, so they can get advice on the best times to visit and how to plan their trip.