What consultation has the Garden Bridge Trust held?

We carried out extensive consultation before submitting the planning application to LB Lambeth and Westminster City Council with 2,451 responses in all. Consultation undertaken prior to the planning application submission found 87% of respondents were supportive of the Garden Bridge. Additional events in Lambeth post planning submission showed more than 92% of people were supportive of the scheme. This included public meetings, drop-in sessions and engaging with community and local interest groups. We also opened a market stall with information. There is continuing consultation with local communities on detailed plans for construction and operation.

What have support levels been like since planning?

Support for the Garden Bridge has been consistently high among local communities and groups across London. ComRes research in July 2015 showed over three quarters of Londoners support the Bridge being built (78%), with support in Westminster and Lambeth, where the Bridge will cross the Thames, at 77%. Arts, business and horticultural leaders say it will create jobs, boost the cultural offer as well as providing education and volunteering opportunities.

What have people said in support of the Garden Bridge?

  • 'We look forward to the creation of what would be a remarkable horticultural achievement in the centre of the Greatest City on Earth… we hope that the vision of the social/community programmes helps to educate us all about our natural surroundings.' Nicholas Bacon, Royal Horticultural Society President.
  • 'It would be wonderful. I’ve always argued we need more bridges because it opens up more routes through the city...The garden bridge will enrich London'. Lead Architect and design advisor to the current Mayor of London, Richard Rogers.
  • 'This does offer the chance of another work of artistic and engineering excellence to join the millennium footbridge and the London Eye as part of the latest generation of landmarks that help define modern London'. Westminster Council Leader, Councillor Philippa Roe.
  • 'We are very supportive of the Garden Bridge as we can see how transformational it will be in how people move around this area. The new crossing will be a landmark in London, connecting two of the capital’s historical and cultural hubs – The Northbank and South Bank. It’s going to help us put The Northbank on the map and complement the work we are doing to make the area a more attractive place to visit, work or live.' Ruth Duston, Chief Executive of The Northbank Business Improvement District