What benefits will the bridge deliver for London?

The benefits that the Garden Bridge will deliver for London include:

  • Reducing pedestrian journey times between Temple Underground Station and the South Bank
  • Linking cultural centres and tourist attractions on the North and South Bank
  • Encouraging the use of Temple Underground Station and reducing demand on Embankment
  • Creating new routes that avoid busy roads, allow for safer walking and improve pedestrian safety
  • Encouraging an increase in regular walking and physical activity and all the associated health benefits of people walking further, more often and for greater distances.
  • Creating hundreds of jobs in construction employment and operations
  • Adding to London’s cultural offer and providing a new attraction for tourists

How will local residents benefit from the bridge?

The Garden Bridge Trust is committed to advancing the education of horticulture for people of all ages and abilities, including children, school leavers and adults and is working with neighbours to shape this educational offer.

The Trust is also committed to a volunteer programme that will provide local people with an opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience in horticulture. Volunteers will work side-by-side with professional horticultural experts to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the extensive gardens.

The Garden Bridge will deliver local jobs and other opportunities during construction, including local apprenticeships. Once the bridge is built jobs will also be available with the Trust, working with local schools and community groups, to manage and maintain the Garden Bridge.

There will be economic benefits to London and support for local businesses on both sides of the river. Visitors drawn to the area by the Garden Bridge will use local restaurants, shops and attractions. They will be encouraged to make full use of these local amenities which will direct people to the wide range of activities on either side of the river and connect Fleet Street, Covent Garden and the Embankment on the Northbank with the South Bank. The Trust will also make every effort to source goods and services locally.

What are the green credentials for the Garden Bridge?

The gardens will provide a unique green corridor between existing areas of biodiversity on the North and South banks. It will provide a rich habitat containing some 2,300m2 of planting that will help to enrich the area ecologically by providing a significant mix and variety of native and adaptive species with 270 new trees and over 100,000 perennials, ferns grasses, bulbs and annuals.

The plants species have been carefully selected to provide a wide variety of flowering, berrying and fruiting species that will benefit wildlife. Natural dipping pools, hibernaculas and winter perennial habitat will also help attract faunal biodiversity all year round. The bridge will contribute to, enhance and enrich the existing environmental habitats and has the opportunity to act as an educational environment for visitors and local communities to explore the benefits of green infrastructure.