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Report and Accounts


Garden Bridge Trust Report and Accounts for year ended March 2016

Lord Mervyn Davies, Chairman of the Garden Bridge Trust, said:

“The Garden Bridge Trust has made significant progress to get to a stage where we have completed detailed pre-construction work and have a contractor on board. We have consistently flagged the areas of risk to the project about acquiring land, the signing of the Mayoral Guarantee, our funding position and the cost of the project. These matters are dependent on third parties and are outside trustees' control and have led to delays. The Trustees are duty bound to disclose these risks and how we intend to deal with them, in this report.  We strongly believe we can progress all outstanding issues and we are determined to make the project happen.  We look forward to working with our supporters, including the Mayor and the Government to make the Garden Bridge a reality. We expect to start construction in 2017." 

Please find our Report and Accounts available on the Companies House website here